We’ve all had pivotal moments in our recovery; things that really changed the game for us. With a new found sense of seeking we often are able to determine action needs to be taken. Often that action can lead to true breakthroughs.


On this episode, Willy and Cameron are talking about game changers in recovery. Those people, places or things that really allowed us to change our perspective. Can’t relate? Stick around long enough and you’re sure to have your own. The fact that we’re still alive despite the way we were living is a miracle but generally, only the first of many.


Today’s topic is inspired by this week’s warstory from Melissa! Melissa Steussy grew up in Kent, Washington, home of Macklemore and Sir-Mix-A-Lot.

She tells stories of childhood adversity; growing up in a drug-addicted home, meeting her biological father at 15 after he got out of prison, and rolling joints with her mom’s boyfriend during summer break.


Melissa was court-ordered to AA in 1998 after a DUI and has remained sober for 23 years. She sheds light on family dysfunction; what it takes to break free, and how to find healing when your emotions are misfiring from growing up in such a toxic, non-nurturing home environment. 


Melissa is a 40 something orphan having lost her parents and having no siblings. She spent many years “faking it to make it” and now has embraced her rough start at life and wants to share her experience to light the way for others walking a similar path. 


You can find her writing as an active columnist on Elephant Journal where she has written over 90 articles this year alone.


Follow her on IG @melsteussy and check out her articles on elephant journal at https://www.elephantjournal.com/profile/melissa-steussy/


For her blog and more info on her upcoming book check out her website!




Excellent Drugs and Suicide resource from The Recovery Village www.therecoveryvillage.com/drug-addiction/drugs-and-suicide/


If you have questions about how your condition can lead to suicidal thoughts check this out from The Recovery Village www.therecoveryvillage.com/co-occurring-disorders/suicide-hotline/


Alcoholics Anonymous online meetings



Narcotics Anonymous online meetings



Find an Overeaters Anonymous meeting



Refuge Recovery website



Substance Abuse and Mental Health services




Suicide prevention hotline




Domestic Violence hotline




National Human Trafficking hotline




Al-Anon information (support for families)



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