It’s one of the hardest things we may have to do. We’ve felt the high that comes with sobriety. We’ve been on fire with recovery. We’ve established ourselves within our new found community. And then, relapse. Why? The why isn’t as important as we may think. Truth is, we’re alcoholic. We’re addicts. The solution is still the same. Coming back after relapse is emotional and frightening. But, if we’re lucky enough to survive a relapse, coming back can be another opportunity for us to grow. 


Our topic this week is inspired by our warstory from Jim. After a rough childhood left him uncomfortable in his own skin, Jim found a solution in alcohol. His journey would have him on the streets and in jail before the end. When he eventually surrendered and decided to get sober, he was on fire for recovery. A brief relapse almost took him out but he was able to find his way back after realizing there was no hope in going back out. 


Jim is the owner and CEO of Valor Fitness Clothing, a new sponsor of The Other Side of Hell. His non profit, Valor Rising works to give addicts a pathway from the streets or the pen to society and introduce them to the sober community. Support Valor Rising at


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Excellent Drugs and Suicide resource from The Recovery Village 


If you have questions about how your condition can lead to suicidal thoughts check this out from The Recovery Village


Alcoholics Anonymous online meetings 


Narcotics Anonymous online meetings 


Find an Overeaters Anonymous meeting 


Refuge Recovery website


Substance Abuse and Mental Health services 



Suicide prevention hotline 



Domestic Violence hotline 



National Human Trafficking hotline



Al-Anon information (support for families)


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