When you hear the word “God” does it conjure up a certain image? Does it immediately bring with feelings of guilt and shame? Or is God something you’ve never given thought to?


Let’s face it, the “God” can be a complicated relationship for any alcoholic. While a higher power seems to be a concept mostly exclusive to a 12 step program, it's fair to say that anybody who is in recovery is utilizing their own version of a higher power. So how does that work? Can a higher power really keep us sober? Can we truly come up with our own concept of “god?”


This week we’re diving deep in to the idea of creating your own concept of a higher power, a topic inspired by this week’s warstory from Forrest. When you hear him speak, you’ll see that Forrest was raised on fire and brimstone. When he was first introduced to a 12 step program he was stuck confronting his old beliefs of what god was. Forgetting his engrained idea of God wasn’t the only notion he had to abandon before he could get sober. Hear how Forrest overcame the “god” thing to come up with his own concept of a higher power. 


Thank you Forrest for telling your story!!


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Excellent Drugs and Suicide resource from The Recovery Village www.therecoveryvillage.com/drug-addiction/drugs-and-suicide/ 


If you have questions about how your condition can lead to suicidal thoughts check this out from The Recovery Village www.therecoveryvillage.com/co-occurring-disorders/suicide-hotline/


Alcoholics Anonymous online meetings 



Narcotics Anonymous online meetings 



Find an Overeaters Anonymous meeting 



Refuge Recovery website



Substance Abuse and Mental Health services 




Suicide prevention hotline 




Domestic Violence hotline 




National Human Trafficking hotline




More information about Human Trafficking within the trucking community can be found here:



Al-Anon information (support for families)



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